Getting Started


Set up your Android development environment by either installing the Google ADT Bundle or by downloading the Eclipse IDE  and installing the Google Android SDK. We are recommending that you use the ADT Bundle as all tools will be included.
Please ensure you can build Android Apps with above tools before installing the Mio Add-on SDK.

Driver installation for using the Android Debug Bridge (adb)

To install packages on the device with adb you will need to install our Android Composite device driver. The drivers are included in the AddOn SDK. The installation procedure is the same as with any Windows device driver. You can find detailed instructions here.

Installation of the Add-On SDK

The Add-On SDK includes sample code, AVD (Android Virtual Device) definitions as well as a step by step guide to kick-start the development of your Android apps for Mio Android devices as quickly as possible.

See here how to install the Add On SDK.

Using the AVD Emulator or perform a system upgrade

Please refer to our documentation how to use the emulator and how to upgrade the system image.

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